The course of deep cleansing for the hair

What is deep hair cleansing and why do we need the procedure?

The deep hair cleansing procedure is a fairly recent addition to the cosmetic industry, so it is likely still a mystery to many, what the need for the procedure is, and how deepcleansing differs from regular shampooing.

So, deep hair cleansing is a special type of hair care performed in several phases using dedicated products.

1. Phase one uses a shampoo based on a formula that provides for an ionic reaction. This shampoo opens up scales and penetrates deep into a hair, removing all natural dirt, and remnants of cosmetics and styling products. It also helps get rid of salt residues: sea salt, chloride, magnesium, iron, etc. Thus, it removes all toxins that have accumulated on the hair and are very difficult to clean up with normal washing. After this treatment, the hair absorbs active ingredients of care products particularly well.

2. In phase two, a mask should be applied whose effect will be the most useful at this point. The mask must contain substances to saturate the hair and scalp with essential vitamins, minerals, lipids and micronutrients. These may be natural oils, plant extracts, specially designed complexes, etc.

3. Phase three involves the use of a conditioner. It helps close scales, smooth the surface of the hair, give it a silky, smooth and radiant shine.

Professionals recommend performing deep hair cleansing regularly. Your hair will keep you happy for long with its healthy shine, cleanness and freshness.

Bielita-Vitex researchers have developed a comprehensive program for deep hair cleansing and normalizing the scalp’s fat balance to help your hair look perfect every day.

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