Argan Oil Shine Spray for All Hair Types

Argan Oil Shine Spray for All Hair Types

Ultralight argan oil is an indispensable product for personal hair care. This is a true precious balsam that helps provide the hair with complete care. The oil covers each hair in a weightless film, protecting it from adverse environmental effects. The hair gets saturated with useful substances and transforms to become shiny, smooth, supple and elastic for a long time.

Five use scenarios — five results:

after washing: active nourishment, thermal protection and easy brushing

after styling: moisturizing, nourishment and a dazzling shine

before bed: intense repair of damaged hair

before the swimming pool or beach: protection against the adverse effects of sunrays and chlorinated or salt water

any time during the day: deep nourishing, moisturizing, protection and a glossy shine

Brend: Vitex

Volume: 75 ml