SOS Repairing Nail Elixir 9 in 1

SOS Repairing Nail Elixir 9 in 1

SOS Repairing Nail Elixir is a wonderful program, enriched with special active components, which make nails stronger, smooth, bright and healthy for a long time.

Peptide of keratin makes your mails stronger and protects against brittleness. 

Elixir helps to achieve following results:

  • Strength: deep nail repair from the base to tips makes them stronger day by day.
  • Growth: helps the nails grow healthy and strong.
  • Strengthening: makes nail plates harder and firmer.
  • Protection: protects against nail peeling.
  • Smoothness: instantly removes nail roughness and makes nails smooth.
  • Moisturizing: restores natural moisturizing of nails and keep their beauty.
  • Brightness: enhances natural nail brightness.
  • Nourishing: argan and baobab oils nourish and restore nail structure.
  • Color leveling of nail plates.

Directions: evenly apply Elixir into clean nail plates.

Apply 2 layers twice a week for intensive repairing.

As a base apply a layer under nail polish

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