Magic Star Kids conditioning shampoo EASY BRUSHING

Magic Star Kids conditioning shampoo EASY BRUSHING


Eclipse the shine of stars with beauty!

This wonderful conditioning shampoo will take you on an exciting journey to beautiful stars, because we have selected the best ingredients from distant galaxies to create it. They, like a mom, very gently and neatly take care of your hair, clean, make it smooth and help brush it easily. Magical marigold flowers give their magical power and strength to your hair. Alien D-panthenol and sparkling stars give space silkiness and unearthly radiance to your hair.
Now your hair is perfection itself and you are the brightest star!

Brend: Vitex

Volume: 250 ml

Barcode: 4810153038180

вода, лауретсульфат натрия, кокоамфодиацетат динатрия, кокамидопропилбетаин, кокамид MIPA, лаурет-4, децилглюкозид, хлорид натрия, дикаприлиловый эфир, лауриловый спирт, ароматизатор, ПЭГ-150 полиглицерил-2 тристеарат, лаурет-3, дипропиленгликоль, экстракт Calendula Officinalis (календулы), поликватерниум-10, лимонная кислота, пантенол, бензиловый спирт, метилхлоризотиазолинон, метилизотиазолинон,  лимонен