Shampoo with aloe and chamomile

Shampoo with aloe and chamomile

The Happy Family Shampoo with aloe and chamomile gently cleanses your hair and scalp without drying. The shampoo’s conditioning ingredients give your hair strength, shine and elasticity. A special soft formula helps ensure complete care for any hair type.

Aloe vera imbues your hair with proteins, micronutrients, and mineral salts. Your hair is reinforced along its entire length, becoming stronger, and starting to grow faster.

Chamomile softens and soothes your scalp, restoring the natural shine and strength of your hair.

Results of application: beautiful, healthy, strong hair

Recommended with the Happy Family Hair Conditioning Balm

Suited for daily use

Brend: Vitex

Volume: 1000 ml


Cosmetics line Happy Family

Shower Gel with aloe and chamomile
Shower Gel with aloe and chamomile
PurposeCleansing, Moisturizing, All Skin Types