Phyto SPA

Phyto-therapy — is meant for health, beautiful skin and well-being.

Everybody knows that warm bath with natural herbs — it is a traditional SPA-ritual aimed for health care of body.

Combination of curative features of water and herbs activate metabolic processes, improve blood circulation, removes toxins and wastes out of body, improve health. 

Magic power of phyto and aroma therapy are for body wellness, rejuvenating and good spirits.

This is a pleasant and aromatic Phyto-SPA-bath which is prepared easily and quickly with help of herbal concentrates with ethereal oils. It helps to mitigate fatigue and calm nervous system, rejuvenates and cleans skin, cheers up and revive vital energy.

Herbal bath as well as natural means effects very gently, that’s why for achieving the effect it is better to use them by courses — 10-15 procedures.