Vinyl Effect

Vinyl Effect

Your desire to have well-manicured hands is natural! Meet a new nail polish — more than just a nail polish. It will last a whole week and look great!

Is this a dream come true?

Finally, an alternative to gel polish. A gel coat has to be cured under an ultraviolet lamp, which may damage your health, while the effects of UV radiation are not yet fully understood. To avoid doing harm to your health, it is better to pick polishes that do not need to be UV-dried to last long.

And that is VINYL EFFECT, your new nail polish.

VINYL EFFECT LUXURY is there to make its owners happy — this is a breakthrough in cosmetic nail products.

Made from materials by Fiabila, France.

Available in 15 shades:

90 Muse

91 Innocence

92 Reef

93 Illusion

94 Zero Gravity

95 Romance

96 Vintage

97 Deluxe

98 Flight

99 Mania

100 Passion

101 Diva

102 Grandeur

103 Insanity

104 Decadence

Brend: Belita


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