Happy Family

Vitex family cosmetics are designed to the most stringent standards:

  • based on natural extracts of the medicinal plants aloe and chamomile;

  • very soft cleaning ingredients;

  • skin-neutral pH levels.

The line composition contains everything the members of your family require for daily care: shampoo and hair balm, shower gel, hand cream soap and toothpaste.

Active ingredients

Aloe and chamomile are called doctors in their own right. Even children know about their healing properties.

Aloe is your own home doctor.

The fleshy green pulp of aloe shoots is a true treasure trove of useful substances. Vitamins A, E and C, B vitamins (B1, B2 and B6), antioxidants, gums, amino acids, enzymes, essential oils, and a large amount of minerals do not nearly exhaust the list of biologically active substances that aloe contains.

This helps aloe maintain the health of your hair, spur its growth, invigorate it, fill it with natural shine, and restore its natural elasticity. Besides, aloe efficiently fights hair loss and breakage.

Aloe’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action helps curb skin irritation and erythema. Aloe extract does a terrific job cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing and soothing your skin.

Chamomile is the people’s doctor.

Chamomile contains a large amount of vitamins, essential oils, carotinoids, flavonoids, gums and minerals.

You hair starts looking much better after just several applications of chamomile products: it is filled with a radiant shine, becoming healthy, supple and silky.

Chamomile is indispensable for skin care. It does a superb job relieving irritation and dryness, provides an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, and imbues your skin with useful substances, making it gentle and velvety.

Products line Happy Family

Shower Gel with aloe and chamomile
Shower Gel with aloe and chamomile
PurposeCleansing, Moisturizing, All Skin Types
Shampoo with aloe and chamomile
Shampoo with aloe and chamomile
Purpose Strengthening and restoration, All types of hair, Gloss and Smoothness