The line is represented with a group of products based on high — and low-molecular hyaluronic acid combined with active ingredients, and provides comprehensive skin care:
1. As part of various professional programs aimed at correcting the following skin conditions:

▫ static wrinkles and expression lines, such as crow's feet,

▫ decreased facial skin tightness and elasticity,

▫ dry and dehydrated skin,

▫ hyperpigmentation and age spots,

▫ dull, sagging skin

2. As part of various comprehensive programs aimed at preventing premature skin aging, facial contours correction and remodeling programs, for sagging facial skin, for photoaging of facial, neck and cleavage skin, and as part of plastic surgery preparation and recovery programs.

3. In machine cosmetic treatment techniques, when applied to clean skin: phonophoresis, ultra stimulation current, electroporation or non-injective mesotherapy treatments.

4. As a powerful replenishing products that help shorten recovery following exfoliation and mechanical skin cleansing treatments.

5. To ensure a prolonged effect following mesotherapy or contour correction treatments using a mesoroller, and to enhance mesotherapy effects and speed up skin recovery;

6. As the final stage in various treatments, and before cream is applied.

7. As an active concentrate prior to application of peel-off alginate, collagen and hydrogel sheet masks.

8. For home course care prescribed by a cosmetologist: both applied on their own and prior to application of cream

All the gel formulas are compatible with every cosmetics line and can be used on their own as products prescribed for various rejuvenating and regenerating treatments.
Highly active, harmoniously complementary and mutual intensifying core INGREDIENTS included into every product of the line:

+Low-molecular hyaluronic acid (molecular weight 15,000 to 20,000 daltons) acts from within, easily penetrating the epidermis and dermis, where it ensures nourishment for fibroblast cells and serves as a prerequisite for synthesis of natural collagen and elastin, helps maintain intercellular matrix structure, and improves skin barrier properties and antioxidant status. Provides a double moisturizing effect: inside and outside.

+High-molecular hyaluronic acid helps slow down the biological process of skin aging and restore its natural moisturizing capability.

Activates elastin and collagen synthesis, reduces oxidative stress.

Saturates the skin with moisture, making it more resilient and elastic, improving its microrelief, preventing wrinkles, providing an instant lift effect and reducing wrinkle depth.

+The collagen-plus-elastin complex provides a lifting function, and lends elasticity and resilience to tissues, while serving as material for building a "collagen matrix", eliminating skin flaccidity and flabbiness, and preventing sagging.

+Green tea extract, ensures efficient skin moisturizing and toning, and a noticeable improvement in complexion, while restoring the facial contours and slowing down skin fading.

+The herbal complex (Florentine iris, arnica extract, Ten's Up) normalizes the local endocrine profile and prolongs the lifespan of skin cells, while correcting and preventing signs of fading.

+The signal peptide complex (Tripeptide-3, Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl Ester and Palmitoyl Haxapeptide-19) repairs skin structure, speeds up renewal and stimulates skin cell regeneration, while tightening and lifting the skin. Efficiently relaxes facial muscles, providing a botox-like effect.

+Amino acids (glycine, taurine and arginine) are core structural components of proteins which maintain moisture balance at epidermis level, participating in formation of new cells and cellular structures, and repairing the collagen structure.

+A polysaccharide biocomplex (B-glucomatrix, chitosan) and vitamin PP reinforces the skin support structure, while promoting cell metabolism.

+IDEALIFTТМ ensures a perceptible skin lift effect and a directed boost in collagen generation in the dermoepidermal junction, while improving the skin's biomechanical properties and reducing sagging and stretching, and ensuring perfect skin balance and firmness.

+Konjac glucomannan and betaine soothe and moisturize the skin.
+Macadamia oil helps improve skin tightness and elasticity, complexion and surface relief.

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