Perfect skin

Perfect skin is every woman’s dream. Psychologists have found that smooth, good-looking and tender skin is what we subconsciously look at first when deciding how attractive someone is.

An even, luminous tone, and smooth, soft, velvety skin without enlarged pores, reddening or irritation… Do you think only a cover girl can have perfect skin like that? No doubt, modern photographic and image correction technology makes it possible to even out the skin tone, remove wrinkles and add some gentle blush to the cheeks, but perfection is possible in real life — without photoshopping! 

Researchers at Vitex have worked on product formulas for flawless skin for more than five years. It is not incidental that the product line was named “Perfect Skin”.

Active ingredients

Epidermist, a unique high-performance natural component, one of its kind on Earth

Reduces pores by 11% of the total visible pore area*
Makes your skin smoother, reducing roughness by 19%*
Makes your skin tone luminous — observed in 64% of testing volunteers*
Inhibits by 10% bacteria growth associated with inflammation and reddening*
Reduces cutaneous sensibility by 37%*
Boosts cell renewal by 31%*

An active concentrate obtained from yarrow using special extraction technology

Smooths out wrinkles by 14%**
Evens out the skin texture by 21% of the visible pore area**
Makes the skin 31% softer**

Easyliance, an optimized combination of two components: acacia gum and a natural biopolymer, which complement and enhance each other

Produces an instant, visible lift effect
Efficiently smooths out the skin

 A patented formula based on natural herbal extracts of butcher’s-broom, horse chestnut, centella and pot marigold

Efficiently fights dark circles
Reduces couperose
Promotes strengthening of capillaries
Possesses an expressed emollient action

Avocado and orange essential oils

Reinforce the skin’s barrier functions
Actively saturate the skin with moisturizers and nutrients
Help smooth out the microrelief

* proven by Cedef, France

** proven by BASF, France

How do you make your skin perfect? This requires proper care. We present a few uncomplicated rules to help you achieve even, smooth, soft and good-looking skin without exerting unnecessary effort.

Daily care

1. Step one is cleansing. Cleansing in the morning and evening is required even if you do not use makeup. Oils produced by your skin help retain moisture in your body, but they also attract dust that is always present in air. Besides, your skin gets polluted with sweat gland secreta and peeled-off dead skin cells. Your pores may become enlarged, blackheads may form, and irritation or reddening may develop, unless you perform cleansing treatments in the morning and in the evening.

PORE CLEANSING & REDUCTION Micellar Makeup Remover

2. Step two is toning. This step concludes skin cleansing. A toner helps shrink pores, restore skin moisture levels, and increase cells’ acceptance of nutrients from creams, serums and other care products.

Pore Reducing Toner

3. Step three is perfecting your skin. We have created four high-class products that consider the different daily skin care needs of women.

· Intensive Skin Perfecting Cream Serum

· Capillary Protection Cream for COUPEROSE-PRONE SKIN

· Eyelid Filler Cream for PUFFY EYES and DARK CIRCLES

· Skin Perfecting Corrective BB Cream

Special Care

A comprehensive skin care program must include deep-cleansing and recovery products.

The skin surface collects dead cells that clog pores, preventing new cells from breathing. The purpose of exfoliation is to remove dead cells, cleanse pores and even out the skin surface. Dermabrasion is among the the most efficient methods of deep yet gentle cleansing as practiced in a beauty parlor. Dermabrasion is a high-tech treatment based on application of a carbon dioxide and/or erbium laser. It improves skin regeneration and the state of connective tissue, thus toning up the skin, restoring the natural skin tone and removing surface imperfections.

Following a long period of work, Bielita Vitex researchers developed a new innovative product formula which makes it possible to achieve a salon microdermabrasion effect without the presence of a cosmetologist.

POLISHING Scrub with a Smoothing Complex

Facial masks are an instant cosmetic product designed for skin cleansing, renewal, softening and nourishment, as well as numerous other problems. When properly selected and applied, a facial mask improves nourishment and blood circulation, helping normalize the lipid, protein, carbohydrate and mineral metabolism in the cells. The effect on the skin is almost instant, which is critical to a quick fix. Applying a mask once or twice a week works well for preventive care.

Vitalizing Mask for Skin Affected by Enlarged Pores and Signs of Couperose