SUPER FILLER on thermal water

The SUPER FILLER line from Vitex is a modern approach to effectively smoothing wrinkles and strengthening facial contours without surgical rejuvenation methods.


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SUPER FILLER INCREASING SKIN ELASTICITY AND REJUVENATION TECHNOLOGY combines the synergistic effect of THREE components with a proven anti-aging effect.

1.     COLLAGEN is one of the most known and effective filler components. It is the main element of the skin dermal layer (dermis). Fillers with collagen allow you to start the process of formation of new collagen in the skin.

In the SUPER FILLER line, collagen is used in a special PRO-ACTIVE FORM, which consists of 4 types of collagen, due to which it works especially effectively:

ü skin elasticity improves noticeably

ü irregularities are smoothed out

ü expression lines and age wrinkles are reduced

ü face looks more expressive and youthful


Biomimetic means “with the maximum level of absorption by the human body.” They easily penetrate into the desired depth of the dermis and activate the processes necessary to preserve and restore youth. Stimulate collagen synthesis, provide skin lifting, help get rid of wrinkles and post-acne marks.

3.     HYALURON is the most common filler in cosmetology. Hyaluronic acid in the SUPER FILLER line is in micro-molecular form, so it can penetrate deeply into the skin for a pronounced moisturizing and rejuvenating effect.

THERMAL WATER included in the line's products allows you to PROVIDE PERFECT CARE FOR SKIN OF ANY TYPE, INCLUDING SENSITIVE SKIN PRONE TO COUPEROSIS, IRRITATIONS AND REDNESS. The natural power of thermal water tones and moisturizes the skin, reduces irritation and redness.


Main issues

Porous, damaged hair

Tendency to breakage and split ends

Dried, bleached hair

Fluffy and unmanageable hair

Loss of shine

The most effective hair fillers are COLLAGEN, CERAMIDES AND HYALURON.

PRO-active COLLAGEN is responsible for the strength and elasticity of hair, fights fragility, makes hair manageable and smooth.

Ceramides in lamellar form fill and restore structural micro-tears and voids in the hair, creating a weightless layer on the surface that protects locks from damage.

Micro-molecular HYALURON moisturizes hair and scalp and heals hair follicles.

The products of the line provide both immediate and cumulative effects. The maximum effect is achieved with the integrated use of line products.