Silk Protein

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Light thin silk is valubale for its unique properties and has been surrounded by an aura of mystery at all times. So far, this fabric, which is as light as a feather and is crystal clear, has been a sign of a good taste and luxury.
SILK PROTEINS (Hydrolyzed Silk) are produced from silk fibers that is a natural beauty ingredient which has excellent moisturizing and conditioning properties.
The company BELITA has designed a SILK PROTEIN cosmetic line based on silk proteins to make your hair smooth as silk.
SILK PROTEINS are able to restore damaged hair areas smoothing out its surface. While creating an invisible barrier around a hair, proteins protect its structure against damage, retain moisture, and prevent split ends, brittleness and hair weakness.

Products line Silk Protein

Silk Hair Shampoo
Silk Hair Shampoo
PurposeAll types of hair, Normal hair, Dry and damaged, Greasy hair, Cleansing
Silk Hair Balm
Silk Hair Balm
Purpose Strengthening and restoration, Gloss and Smoothness, Nourishment