Perfect Length


Beautiful, long hair make a woman feel irresistible - it is their beauty and well-groomed appearance that delights people around her. There are a few basic rules of hair care you must know.

Five simple rules of looking after long hair:

1. Trim ends regularly. The ends are the most vulnerable spot, they suffer the most from styling, dyeing and other treatments. It is better to trim hair every three to four months. Losing split ends will give hair a well-groomed look and accelerate growth.

2. Comb your locks right. Divide your hair into strands and comb each lock apart from the tip, gradually moving up. Do not comb wet locks, as this may provoke splitting. Use a wide comb with thick wooden teeth or a massage brush with natural bristles.

3. Protect your hair from wind, cold, sunrays and other types of exposure. Reduce the use of hot blow-dryers and curling irons. Drying naturally is better, but make sure you use thermal protection products if you cannot do without styling.

4. Follow the procedure of washing long hair.

• comb your hair before washing
• adjust the water temperature to 36-38°C
• rinse shampoo thoroughly
• apply balsam without touching the roots or to the ends only
• do not twist or squeeze your hair to avoid damage
• after washing, do not rub your hair with a towel - gently blot, or wrap a towel around your head
• wash your hair when dirty

5. Select specialized products for long and VERY LONG hair.

BELITA has designed the Perfect Length cosmetics line for looking after long and very long hair.

Keravis is a patented vegetable protein. The unique composition of Keravis helps boost the strength of both healthy and damaged hair:

  • penetrates the hair cuticle, making it stronger inside;
  • envelops each hair and forms an invisible film, protecting the hair surface against damage.