What are the benefits of AHA acids for hair and scalp?

•        effective exfoliation of dead skin cells

•        improvement of blood circulation and metabolic processes in the scalp, which promotes hair growth

•        long-lasting feeling of freshness and cleanliness of hair

•        long-lasting lush volume

•        improvement of penetration of active components into the deep layers of hair

•        activation of cellular respiration

•        enhancement of the effect of aftercare products

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The HAIR AHA CLINIC line contains 4 units of products to solve various hair and scalp problems:

1. Peeling shampoo and conditioner SUPER CLEANSING and VOLUME

These products do not contain silicones and do not weigh down the hair. Peeling shampoo deeply cleanses the hair and scalp of difficult-to-rinse residues of styling products (mousses, gels, styling sprays), dead cells, dandruff and secretion products of the sebaceous glands.

Unlike scrubs, peeling acts very gently, eliminating existing impurities while maintaining the pH balance of the scalp. Peeling works due to AHA acids, scrub – due to mechanical cleansing with the help of various scrubbing particles.

2. ANTI-DANDRUFF shampoo and mask

Anti-dandruff products from the HAIR AHA CLINIC line provide visible results after just 1 application: reduction of dandruff, itching and skin irritation. With regular use, the effect accumulates. Suitable for sensitive scalp.


Products with the SOS-HELP effect are especially recommended for dry, damaged, bleached hair that is prone to damage. They give instant results - smooth, silky, nourished, moisturized and beautifully shining hair. They also provide long-lasting results of high-quality deep hair restoration and protection from possible damage.

4. Shampoo and mask-balm for dyed hair PROTECTION AND BRIGHTNESS OF COLOR

The products of this duo are aimed primarily at protecting against pigment leaching from the hair cuticle, helping to maintain the brightness and richness of color for up to 10 weeks (about 20 uses). It nourishes and smoothes hair, gives it radiant shine.