DENTAVIT PRO EXPERT toothpastes are created for a professional solution to the main problems of the oral cavity: caries, dental tartar, gums inflammation, darkening of the enamel, bad breath

When developing the formulas, Vitex experts used the latest enamel restoration technology, which works like a LIQUID FILLING:

• fills and seals microcracks in teeth enamel

• significantly improves teeth strength

• helps prevent caries

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There are 4 pastes in the line:

1.      For tea and coffee lovers, as well as for those who smoke, OPTICAL WHITENING gel toothpaste is recommended. It is also suitable for long-term maintenance of results after professional and home teeth whitening.

2.      PARODONT ACTIVE toothpaste with an antibacterial complex is recommended if you are prone to gums inflammation and bleeding. Suitable for permanent use.

3.      For increased sensitivity of teeth and thin, weakened enamel, as well as for use after professional and home teeth whitening, toothpaste FOR SENSITIVE TEETH with active calcium is recommended.

4.      TEETH and GUMS PROTECTION toothpaste, which contains 90% natural ingredients and is free of fluoride, sulfates and titanium dioxide, is perfect for those who value not only effectiveness, but also the maximum naturality of products. It is recommended if your dentist has suggested that you avoid using fluoride toothpastes for a while.