Precious gloss of brilliants


The Brilliance Crystals line is not just a brilliant in the collection of hair cosmetics from VITEX, it is a real brilliant necklace. At the base of the line are precious microcrystals of brilliants and pro-ceramides, skillfully combined in liquid crystal technology, so that each product can give curls the luxurious silk smoothness and incredible specular glow. Key components penetrate deep into the hair structure, restore and smooth it from root to tip, envelop every hair with a lightweight reflective film, and even the dimmest and most damaged strands acquire the desired strength, silkiness and iridescent brilliant gloss.

For the first time in the range of VITEX are Liquid crystals for hair - a unique tool that helps to instantly give a dazzling brilliant gloss to even very dull and damaged hair. Just spray onto your hair - and enjoy a delightful precious shine!

 Professional Tips:

1. In order to achieve the best result, it is recommended to apply the line products in a comprehensive manner, since they complement and reinforce each other actions.

2. Since shampoo, in addition to detergents, contains active caring ingredients, it is recommended to apply it twice onto hair: when you apply it first time, the impurities are removed from the surface of the hair, and when reapplied onto cleaned hair, the beneficial substances can act more deeply and effectively.

3. Balm for hair can be applied along the entire length, however, if the hair is oily, it is better to spet up a few centimeters from the roots.

4. Products for intensive hair care should be used at least 1 time per week, and for dried, damaged and brittle hair, such products can be used daily.


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