Body Sculptor — it is innovative program of aimed action for solving specific problems (lose of boost fullness, belly, hips, buttocks elasticity, body skin dryness).

5 products of the line are based on natural, plant components:
  • NMF-components (natural moisturizing factor) — physiological skin moisturizer — attracts and increases moister amount in skin.
  • Gingki-biloba extract - powerful antioxidant — struggles with free radicals, improves blood circulation, stimulates collagen and elastin production.
  • Tens-up™ — registered ingredient extracted from chicory root — makes a visual lifting effect, improves skin appearance.
  • Cikaderm — plant complex — deeply restores damaged skin, reduces quantity of stretches, makes them less visible, increases tone and elasticity of skin.
  • Bio-BustylTM — innovative biotechnological component — stimulates collagen synthesis, tones skin up and makes it firmer due to deep restructuring of skin.
  • Kollagen and Elastin — structure skin proteins — improve skin relief, make it smoother and more elastic.

Products line BODY SCULPTOR

Sugar and coffee body scrub
Sugar and coffee body scrub
PurposeCleansing, Toning, All Skin Types