Black Clean

Black bamboo charcoal is popularly called "a black diamond", thanks to its special cleaning and absorbent properties. Over the centuries, it is used in medicine and cosmetology in Egypt, India, China and Japan. 

The healing properties of black bamboo charcoal were described by Hippocrates as early as the 40th year B. C.  To get the "black diamond", selected plants of 3 to 5 years old are carefully sorted and placed in a special oven, where they are heated without oxygen.

In ancient China, bamboo was used for packaging various types of tea: thanks to the absorption properties of bamboo stalks, tea could preserve its useful properties much longer.

Today, black bamboo charcoal is one of the most popular novelties in the beauty industry. Cosmetic products with some bamboo charcoal added, like a magnet, draw out dirt, toxins, excess sebum and remove them from the skin.

What is the secret bamboo charcoal?

Bamboo charcoal facial cleansers have excellent cleansing properties and there are ideal for removing blackheads and deep-cleaning pores.
Special bamboo charcoal-based products for body gently exfoliate dead skin cells, draw out toxins and absorb impurities


Toothpaste with particles of activated black charcoal!
In ancient times the beauties usually «blackened" their teeth with charcoal to clean them from impurities. This tradition has survived to the present day: now the toothpastes based on black bamboo charcoal are used for teeth-whitening and beauty! Black coal added to the toothpaste formula contributes to whitening the tooth surface, effectively removes plaque, and prevents the formation of tartar and tooth decay. The toothpaste acts a mouth refresher preventing unacceptable odor.