Basic Care

Appearance is any person's business card. We use a whole set of various cosmetic products on a daily basis to make our hair look healthy, thick and shiny; our skin, clean and smooth, and our hands, tender and soft. Vitex is offering the Basic Care collection specially for basic care.

The line includes three applications:

Basic Hair Care
Basic Body Care
Basic Hand Care

Basic Hair Care

We are all different-and we all have our different hair care needs. No matter what your hair is like, long, short or medium length, it must receive proper care. We have created three superb complexes to fix the most widespread hair problems, so that you can admire your reflection in the mirror every day:

  • NOURISHING and STRENGTHENING Shampoo + Balsam with Ginkgo Extract and Caffeine: for weak and brittle hair
  • SHINE and REPAIR Shampoo + Balsam with Orchid Extract and Almond Milk: for dull and weakened hair
  • THICKNESS and VOLUME Shampoo + Balsam with Pomegranate and Brewer's Yeast Extracts: for thin, unruly hair that just will not keep its volume

Basic Body Care

Turn your daily hygienic routine into a true pleasure. The balanced formulas of our products provide complete care for any type of skin, and the marvelous fragrances wrap your skin in a light veil, creating a mood for the day. Choose your product:

  • VIVACITY and FRESHNESS Shower Gel with Mint and Green Tea
  • MOISTURIZING and NOURISHING Shower Cream Gel with White Lotus and Pomegranate
  • REGENERATING and REJUVENATING Shower Cream Gel with Black Orchid and Almond

Basic Hand Care

Your hands are always in sight and thus require special care. Hand skin gets exposed to many harmful factors on a daily basis and it needs protection. We present three rich formula hand creams to make your skin soft, smooth and beautiful:

  • MOISTURIZING and PROTECTIVE Hand Cream with Jojoba and Olive Oils
  • BASIC CARE Hand Cream with Silk Proteins and Cashmere
  • NOURISHING Hand Cream with Shea and Coconut Butter

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