Keratin Styling

Nothing changes an image so fast as a new hairstyle

Formal, smooth locks are part of the official office dress code.

Vamp glamor curls belong to a club party.

Innocent angel ringlets are for a romantic date.

A blow styling is the everyday image.

It is fascinating and easy to create new images, if you have reliable hairstyling products at your disposal.

The new line of products with a high liquid keratin content recommended by the Bielita-Vitex research center not only makes sure that your hair stays perfect throughout the day but keeps it healthy and beautiful.

What is keratin?

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein and a key structural component of a human hair. A hair consists of 97 percent keratin filaments and only 3 percent water. Keratin is a special biopolymer substance with cysteine amino acid as its main component. Keratin molecules penetrate your hair's structure directly, repairing it from the inside out. The tiniest of crevices are filled, split ends are glued back together, and your hair is imbued with added strength and volume.

Use of products containing liquid keratin is especially relevant for women who often use hair stylers and dye their hair regularly. High temperatures amplify the action of keratin, meaning blow-dry or iron styling is now safe for your hair.

Why does your hair need UV protection?

UV rays cause protein bonds to break, making your hair lose elasticity and strength. This can cause dryness and even hair loss. Dehydration also contributes to appearance of split ends. This is why your hair needs reliable protection.

Products that comprise the KERATIN STYLing line include high-performance UV filters to help keep your hair healthy.